Kenneth Prewitt

Whether you’re about to get married, can’t stop talking about Chad from work, or are just wondering about the changing face of America… we’ve got stories for you. Read more....

Since the first census more than 200 years ago, the racial landscape of the U.S. has changed. A lot. And it’s struggling to adapt to the 21st century.

Eeeep. According to a new study, when we look for people to date, we're kind of looking for ourselves. Researcher Angela Bahns explains.

Apparently, travelers in the 40s also complained about airports and planes. (Some things never change.) But, according to Jennifer Van Vleck, modern society owes a lot to air travel.

America’s racial makeup has changed a lot in the last two-hundred years. But our census hasn’t. A former director of the U.S. Census explores how it needs to be adjusted - and why predictions about a majority-minority nation may be wrong. Read more....

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