Jane Mayer

Dark money, microbes, oppressive ads, and overconfidence. It’s this week’s Innovation Hub. Read More...

Money and politics go together like Thelma and Louise. But that relationship has started to spin out of control. Looking for proof? Last year, one group spent almost $900 million to try to influence voters and legislators.

“I think we’ve given up on the idea that some spaces are sacred.” Including, apparently, sermons. Tim Wu explains how advertising has infiltrated our lives.

Dilbert never stopped being relevant. We talk with psychologist Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic about how incompetent managers always seem to find their way to the top, and why that’s bad for women.

Money and politics have always been paired. But, journalist Jane Mayer and professor Theda Skocpol both say that something new is afoot, thanks in part to a couple of very rich brothers. Read more....

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