James Bessen

Definitely not a human.

There’s a very high probability that you, the person reading this, are a human being. But what separates you, the discerning listener of Innovation Hub, from WALL-E or Johnny Five? Read More...

An instrument that measures pressure. Credit: William Warby / Flickr Creative Commons

1. After ATMs popped up on every street corner, the number of bank tellers actually increased. Author and economist James Bessen explains how technology changes the workforce - and why you shouldn’t be too worried about a robot stealing the corner office.

2. Certain types of stress actually increase your creativity. Teresa Amabile, professor at Harvard Business School, explains why pressure can be a good thing, and says that we can all learn something from the Apollo 13 missions.

3. Studies suggesting that beta-carotene prevents cancer were disproven in the 70s, yet the claim is still cited today. Stanford’s John Ioannidis gives us a peek into the crisis in scientific literature.

An example of a 19th century textile mill that Bessen connects to modern technology displacing workers. Credit: Chilanga Cement / Flickr Creative Commons

If you’re worried that a robot might take your job, well, you’ve come to the right place. Economist James Bessen explores why technology may NOT displace workers - and why 19th-Century textile workers have a lot in common with techies in Silicon Valley. Read More...

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