brain scans!

Think you can multitask? Think again. Hear our conversation with author Nicholas Carr and the late Stanford professor Clifford Nass, who argue that the Internet and smartphones are reprogramming our brains and shrinking our attention spans. Read more...

President Barack Obama

Does the rise of technology signal the end of "big?" Nicco Mele, author of "The End of Big," says "big" institutions - from big politics to big media – better start worrying. Read more…

Sal Khan of Khan Academy with Bill Gates

Think about your high school. No matter what city or town it was in, it likely grouped students by age. And offered an eerily similar menu of subjects — biology, math, history, Spanish — which met for 45 minutes or an hour. But why? Sal Khan has been asking some tough questions about education, and he's bent on re-inventing our system, one student at a time. Read more...

Jeff Bezos

Time for a little experiment. Open a new tab in your browser and type in the URL “” It’ll take you to a surprising and probably familiar place: the homepage of As Brad Stone, author of the new and controversial book “The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon” notes, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos considered “relentless” a fair characterization of the company he wanted to build. But, truth be told, it’s also a fair characterization of the man behind the company.

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