Holly Bik

Dark money, microbes, oppressive ads, and overconfidence. It’s this week’s Innovation Hub. Read More...


If you want to live near a vibrant downtown but don’t want to share a walk-in-closet with eleven roommates… maybe you should consider someplace other than San Francisco or New York

Yes, we know, self-driving cars are coming. But you’ll never guess how they’re actually going to change your city. Robin Chase - the founder of Zipcar - explains. 

Refugee camps are becoming more and more permanent. And residents have set-up bicycle shops, curtain shops, even travel agencies.


There’s an invisible world that’s right at your fingertips. Literally. Trillions and trillions of tiny microbes live alongside us in our cities and we don’t even see them. A team of scientists recently swiped a whole bunch of ATM keypads in New York, looking for evidence of our miniscule neighbors. Read more...

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