ASCII design

It takes more than code to sell gadgets and apps. The secret may be in sleek and sexy design, says John Maeda, design partner at Kleiner Perkins and former president of RISD. Read More...

Gadget guru Ben Saren with Kara Miller

The holiday season is upon us! Gadget guru Ben Saren shares some of favorite gift ideas. Read more...

Innovation Hub's gadget guru Ben Saren joined us with suggestions on how to rev up your down time. (Not that there's anything wrong with binge-watching your favorite television show.) Check out his picks for the best diversions and distractions, from a personal flying drone to an addictive app for your phone. Read more...

David Pogue joins us to share his predictions for the best new technology.

Now, we turn from Anita Elberse's take on the blockbuster in entertainment to the gadgets that entertain us. David Pogue of WGBH's NOVA spends his time thinking about the race to make phones ever slimmer, their cameras just a bit better, and our watches a little smarter. We chatted about his predictions for the latest and greatest breakthroughs in technology.

Gadget Spotlight: Around the House

We talked in this week's show about very smart computers - including Watson, the supercomputer and Jeopardy! champion. Want a little taste of Watson in your own home? Gadget guru Ben Saren has some pointers on how the newest gadgets can spruce up your humble abode, from a smart scale to replace the one languishing in your upstairs bathroom to a thermostat that knows exactly how late you like staying in bed on the weekends. 

Struggling to keep cool (and swat off those pesky mosquitoes) in these dog days of August? Trying to sneak in some quality outdoors time before the weather changes? Ben Saren, Innovation Hub's gadget guru, is here to help in this exclusive web extra.

Summer heat got you down? We’ve got just the thing to revive you — our tech guru Ben Saren shared his list of great gear to keep you going through the dog days of August. Expect your shopping urge to be revived by the end of the list. 

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