Emelyn Rude

Our memories are terrible, mice can lead us astray, and Americans didn’t always love chicken. This week, we’ve got a show packed with surprising facts about both human brains and animal realities. Read more....

Our memories of events change over time. Researcher Julia Shaw explains why our recollections may differ - sometimes pretty drastically - from what actually happened.

Almost all of modern medicine is developed using mice - and that’s a problem. Why? I-Hub’s Caroline Lester investigates.

Modern chickens grow so fast that, if they were 6-lb human newborns, they’d weigh 660 pounds within two months. I know. We’re scared too. Emelyn Rude explains how America invented the modern chicken.

Less than a century ago, chicken was as expensive as lobster. Now, Americans eat. 6 million pounds of chicken every hour of every day. Emelyn Rude tells us how thinking about the chicken as a piece of technology can help explain this change. Read more...

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