According to Einstein's general theory of relativity, light can bend

1. It's Einstein's fault that you need your phone to know where the heck you are. At least, indirectly — GPS would never have been invented without the theory of relativity, explains Hiawatha Bray of the Boston Globe.  

2. The quintessential genius of the 20th century had trouble getting a job teaching high school. Before he reached fame and success, Albert Einstein faced a whole lot of failure, according to biographer Walter Isaacson. 

3. IQ tests have been used to support the case for eugenics, and to justify thousands of sterilizations. Clinical psychologist Elaine Castles tells the history of how we measure intelligence — and why it's not all it's cracked up to be.

Yoda and Einstein...they look similar

As we look at the lasting influence of Albert Einstein, there’s one legacy that isn’t felt in our iPhone’s GPS or in the way we view intelligence. No, this one is felt in a galaxy far, far away. Read More...

The Einstein Memorial at the National Academy of Sciences

There was a time Albert Einstein couldn’t get a job teaching high school math. Biographer Walter Isaacson takes a look at Einstein’s remarkable life, and tells us why being an outsider and underdog might have helped him be even more of a genius. Read More...

A farmer uses a handheld GPS device.

Using a physical map to find your way around? That's so, like, ten years ago. Tech writer Hiawatha Bray examines the science and history that gave us GPS — and how we owe some of that to Einstein. Read More...

An imagining of a black hole.

Amanda Gefter used to think science was boring. That was before she debated the meaning of nothing in a Chinese restaurant and snuck into a physics conference with her dad. Gefter reflects on her unusual journey towards writing about science. Read More...

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