Chicago Skyway

With school back in session, freeways across the country are more congested than ever. One traffic expert says there’s a clear solution. But are people willing to pay? Read More...

Stuck in traffic

Whether it's your morning commute or a weekend trip to the beach, nothing's more frustrating than sitting in traffic. Kara Kockelman, University of Texas engineering professor, has a solution, but are people willing to pay? Read More...

Is waiting in traffic a relic of the past?

In one of the latest installments of NOVA's "Making Stuff" series, host David Pogue went on a test-drive that was a little out of the ordinary: it didn't involve an actual driver. That's because he was taking a spin in Shelly, a self-driving racecar developed at Stanford which can navigate twists and turns at breakneck speed all on its own.

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