David Sinclair

Our memories of events change over time. Researcher Julia Shaw explains why our recollections may differ - sometimes pretty drastically - from what actually happened.

Almost all of modern medicine is developed using mice - and that’s a problem. Why? I-Hub’s Caroline Lester investigates.

Modern chickens grow so fast that, if they were 6-lb human newborns, they’d weigh 660 pounds within two months. I know. We’re scared too. Emelyn Rude explains how America invented the modern chicken.

Holidays got you down? Well, this week we’ve got stories about two of the most depressing subjects imaginable, and we’ll find out why they might not be as bad as you think. Read More...

The average American lifespan rose from about 50 years to nearly 80 during the 20th century. Can we live even longer? Harvard Medical School’s David Sinclair has done research that he says may one day allow many of us to live to 120. Read More...

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