David Pogue

2015 in fireworks

As we look ahead to 2015, we thought we'd call up some of our favorite past guests and see what they are looking forward to this year. Read More...

David Pogue

Yahoo’s David Pogue shares his thoughts on the latest gadgets, the hottest apps, and how they’re shaping the sharing economy. Turns out, from parking to pet sitting, we’re evolving way beyond AirBnB. Read More...

Apple Logo

Apple acquired Beats Electronics this week. Is this an acquisition that's going to take Apple to the next level? We put the question to David Pogue, tech columnist for Yahoo and NOVA host. Read More...

Is waiting in traffic a relic of the past?

In one of the latest installments of NOVA's "Making Stuff" series, host David Pogue went on a test-drive that was a little out of the ordinary: it didn't involve an actual driver. That's because he was taking a spin in Shelly, a self-driving racecar developed at Stanford which can navigate twists and turns at breakneck speed all on its own.

David Pogue joins us to share his predictions for the best new technology.

Now, we turn from Anita Elberse's take on the blockbuster in entertainment to the gadgets that entertain us. David Pogue of WGBH's NOVA spends his time thinking about the race to make phones ever slimmer, their cameras just a bit better, and our watches a little smarter. We chatted about his predictions for the latest and greatest breakthroughs in technology.

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