Robots are getting emotional.

In science-fiction, you’ll encounter a lot of computers that can feel... HAL 9000, Deckard, WALL-E. But what about computers that can really sense your emotions? MIT Professor Rosalind Picard takes a look at this artificial-feeling future. Read More...

plane cockpit

Knowledge is now available faster than our brains can process it, but the information rushing at light speed could be slowing us down, says Nicholas Carr, author of The Glass Cage: Automation and Us. Read More...

Is waiting in traffic a relic of the past?

In one of the latest installments of NOVA's "Making Stuff" series, host David Pogue went on a test-drive that was a little out of the ordinary: it didn't involve an actual driver. That's because he was taking a spin in Shelly, a self-driving racecar developed at Stanford which can navigate twists and turns at breakneck speed all on its own.

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