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Scientists estimate that we could be losing thousands of species to climate change each year. But, take heart says ecologist Chris Thomas: there are also many new species being created. Read more...

Climate change looks like it will drastically change all of our lives. So why aren’t we doing more about it? We’ll take a look at why some are reticent to accept the consensus view on climate science, and what those in power are doing now to prepare for a new world.  Read more....

Garbage containers

1. Your next online order could come wrapped in mushrooms. Ecovative CEO Eben Bayer gives us a peek into the brave new world of biomaterials. 

2. Nearly 40 percent of the food that America produces goes to waste. Lovin’ Spoonfuls founder Ashley Stanley explains why that’s happening, and what we can do about it. 

3. Scientists might be take a page from volcanos in order to combat the effects of global warming. Climate scientists Brad Allenby and Ken Caldeira talk about the benefits, and risks, of engineering our climate.


We may one day need a silver bullet to cool the climate down. A look at the options - and the unintended consequences. Read More...


Online criminals have company retreats, too. Security expert Marc Goodman explains how sophisticated groups are ransacking our data, well out of the reach of police.

You can now test your genes for what kind of pain medication might be best for you. Harmonyx CEO Bob Bean talks about the frontiers of personal health data.

We might want to tax workers less, and spenders more. Environmentalist Paul Gilding says global warming might change how you spend money... and whether you even bother heading to the mall anymore.

A 19th century weather map.

Before the 1800s, our climate was unpredictable, poorly understood, and frightening. Author Peter Moore gives us the untold story of a generation of maverick scientists who finally let us predict the weather. Read More...

This year we’ve seen what many experts agree are real symptoms of global warming - from fires in Colorado to drought that now blankets more than 60% of the country. Read More...

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