Clay Shirky

According to Clay Shirky, there’s been a fundamental shift in how politicians connect with the public. Why? Social media and the power of a retweet.

“History will not judge media kindly in this election.” Harvard’s Nicco Mele explains how media is shaping the 2016 campaign.

Apparently, there are lots of ways to insult people in Japan. But there aren’t any “bad” words. Ben Bergen explains the puzzling mores of swear words, with minimal bleeps.

Are old-school political parties becoming obsolete now that non-mainstream candidates can reach voters easily and directly? NYU professor Clay Shirky discusses how social media helped shaped this election. Read more....

Clay Shirky

Technology theorist Clay Shirky has been studying the Internet since before most of us had email. He says a number of industries - from the media to higher education - need to shape up, or prepare for extinction. Read More...


Clay Shirky, the famed media theorist, is moving to Shanghai.

Why would the man long known for critiquing — and seeing the possibilities of the Internet — want to head to China? Read More...

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