Bob Wachter

Healthcare in our society needs a band-aid. Here are a few of our favorite conversations about the big challenges in health – and how we might fix them. Read more...

The average ER doctor racks up 4,000 mouse clicks during a 10-hour shift. Robert Wachter examines the downsides of mixing tech and medicine. 

You should be even more stressed about college admissions. Lani Guinier and Deborah Bial tell us how unequal admissions degrade democracy. 

There’s a reason why chimps solve their problems by tearing each other's faces off, and bonobos solve their problems by having sex. And the answer says a lot about human behavior.

Technology is reshaping the work our doctors and nurses do every day… and not always in a good way. We talk with Dr. Robert Wachter about the unintended consequences of mixing medicine and tech. Read More...

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