Big Data

Something exciting is coming.

1. Online retailers might charge you a few dollars more for those pants, if they think you can afford it. Dan Mongan, co-author of "All You Can Pay," explains that companies are increasingly using our data to tailor prices. 

2. The idea that you could forecast the weather came about at the same time as another controversial theory: evolution. Author Peter Moore tells the tale of the men who dared to predict storms, and their connection to Charles Darwin.

3. Laptops of the future will know that you're stressed. Rosalind Picard of MIT has been working to make smarter computers that anticipate our needs, and she says that future is closer than you think.

Analyzing our digital relationships.

What if you could learn about your relationship by examining big data? Statistician Emma Pierson did just that, by combing through all the emails she and her boyfriend had sent each other over the years. She found some… interesting data points. Read More...

A rainbow of credit cards.

Are you paying the same price for a pair of sunglasses on Amazon as your friend? Maybe not. Dan Mongan tells us how companies are using big data to take as much of our money as possible. Read More...


Big data isn't just for the government and corporations anymore.  Patrick Tucker, author of The Naked Future, and NYU psychology professor Gary Marcus, believe that individuals need to make big data work for them. Read More...

Binary Code

How is Big Data — the information generated from Google searches, GPS, online shopping and more — changing our lives? Kara Miller asked a panel of experts about the benefits and downsides of the international information database. Read More...

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