Becky Kanis Margiotta

Healthcare in our society needs a band-aid. Here are a few of our favorite conversations about the big challenges in health – and how we might fix them. Read more...

Schools were more racially integrated three decades ago than they are today. UCLA Professor Pedro Noguera tells us how our diminishing investment in urban public schools is failing kids.

Woolly Mammoths might just roam Siberia once more. Author Maura O’Connor explores the great lengths conservationists are willing to go to save the environment and preserve its wildlife.

Reducing homelessness doesn't mean opening up more shelters and soup kitchens. Becky Kanis Margiotta explains why avoiding traditional barriers to housing and get people into permanent homes first is the way to go.

It used to be much harder for the homeless to get permanent housing. But a new push to house the homeless before treating addiction or mental health issues is changing that. We explore why "Housing First" policies might just end homelessness in America. Read More...

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