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Here's what you need to know about innovation this week:

1. Lego almost failed when they lost faith in plastic blocks. But success actually hinged on enhancing their core product with a powerful narrative.

2. Flashcards and multiplication tables aren't the way to inspire love for science, technology, engineering and math. Instead, hands-on experiments teach kids the skills they need to excel.

3. Technology is tipping the scales for some new, superpower cities. But there are lessons to be learned from some great cities of the past.

Water filters

If today's elementary school kids are going to be the engineers of tomorrow, they need better building blocks. Read More...

Dubai at night

New superpower cities may be built on the foundations of the past, but they're creating an entirely new future, according to Daniel Brook, author of "A History of Future Cities." Read More...


Ever wonder what's behind those brightly-colored, plastic bricks from your childhood? By being unconventional, Lego has built a blockbuster global brand. Read More...

Old political ad

Venture into President Obama's "cave," where techies helped shape the 2012 election. We talk with Jonathan Alter, author of "The Center Holds: Obama and His Enemies," about how tech is quietly revolutionizing our politics. Read More...

WikiCell ice cream

Forget the bread bowl. Someday your soup may be contained in edible, grape-like packaging. Dr. David Edwards, creator and Harvard professor, is taking his cue from fruits with edible skins and looking to upend the food industry. Read More...

Clay Shirky

Technology theorist Clay Shirky has been studying the Internet since before most of us had email. He says a number of industries - from the media to higher education - need to shape up, or prepare for extinction. Read More...

Dictionary art

As technology makes communication easier, some worry that it may fundamentally change language. Linguist David Crystal says we don't have to be so concerned...yet. Read More...

Bald eagle

Here are three things to know about America's evolution:

1. Wally and the Beav may be done with the suburbs. People are choosing to live with less space if they can be closer to the social amenities that they want, say authors Leigh Gallagher and Alan Ehrenhalt.

2. The last Apple was in the U.S., and the next Apple will be in the U.S., according to Joel Kurtzman, analyst and author of Unleashing the Second American Century.

3. Julia Child ended up with a cooking show by accident. And that television show set the stage for today's cooking culture.

Julia Child

Julia Child was more than a great cook. She changed both television and the culture of cooking. Read More...

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