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Innovation Hub Live - Jessica and Nicco

The panelists at Innovation Hub’s recent live event at Suffolk University's Modern Theatre discuss the pros and cons around our current obsession with 3D printers. Read More...

sculpture from the FDR memorial

A long-forgotten political race for Iowa’s Secretary of State produced a new way of polling voters and catapulted one unelected man to fame. Read More...

Chicago at night

Cities often work even when Washington doesn’t, and mayors play a big role in that, say Jennifer Bradley from the Brookings Institution and Dave Cieslewicz, co-founder of the Mayors Innovation Project. Read More...

wheat field

People have been modifying their food for thousands of years - but not in a lab. Amy Harmon, an award-winning NY Times reporter, and Pamela Ronald, genetics professor and co-author of “Tomorrow’s Table,” talk about where GMOs are headed. Read More...

the Smithsonian

Here are three things to know about the institutions we're chipping away at this week:

1. Grocery shoppers in Ontario can get legal advice on their way to the deli counter. And lowering the cost of lawyers in the U.S. is a challenge, but not impossible, says USC law professor Gillian Hadfield.

2. Peter Thiel gives students $100,000 fellowships to drop out of college and he says it’s time that we focus on physical innovations, instead of relying on the virtual world.

3. Brainstorming sessions might not get you the results you want. Thinking up ideas in solitude is more effective, says author Susan Cain.


Laura Deming, a partner at the Longevity Fund, researches how to extend life. It all started after receiving a $100,000 fellowship to drop out of college and pursue her passion. Read More...

startup school

Peter Thiel is not content to sit back on his past accomplishments. The outspoken co-founder of PayPal and author of “Zero to One” searches relentlessly for the next big thing. Read More...

Gutenberg Bible

If you don’t think sewers are as impressive as iPads, think again. Author Steven Johnson explores some innovations with unintended consequences. Read More...


Remember civics? Probably not. For most students, civics class sounds like a relic of the Stone Age. But if we want engaged citizens, civics is going to have to be recreated. Read More...


Here are three things you need to know to stay in the fast lane:

1. Stereotyped as lazy or entitled, most millennials are actually embracing community and creating a sharing culture that may profoundly distinguish them from previous generations.

2. The right way to get through to college students might be with texting. And one non-profit has seen positive results.

3. Stop worrying about how that Big Mac affects your arteries, and start worrying about how it affects your brain. A University of Toronto researcher found that fast food actually speeds us up.

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