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Take power into your hands, with three tips from this week’s show:

1. Buying a 3D printer is awesome, but there are two components that don't come in the box: skills and creativity. Which is why too many of us create a "digital poop," says Jessica Banks, founder of Rock, Paper, Robot.

2. The pill was developed after the atom bomb. Why? Jonathan Eig, author of “The Birth of the Pill," says men didn't have it high on their priority list.

3. There could still be life in your broken laptop. Writer Clive Thompson learned how to fix his old electronics, and he says that it’s easier than you think.

Lakhani and Mele talk at IHub Live

At Innovation Hub's recent live event, Karim Lakhani from Harvard Business School and Nicco Mele, author of The End of Big, discuss the extent to which power has left the hands of corporations and migrated to individuals. Read More...

Once the elections are over, the techies who helped candidates get elected often take off for larger salaries and hoodie-filled offices. Harper Reed, the CTO for Obama’s re-election campaign, explains what the government’s really up against. Read More...

It takes cash - and lots of it - to fund a political campaign. Campaign donations are all public information, but that can be complicated to sort through. Don’t worry. High school junior Nick Rubin has an answer: an app that offers can’t-miss evidence of where candidates get their funding. Read More...

TV shows live and die by Nielsen ratings, but does their data still matter in a Netflix world? It all depends on advertisers, says TIME media critic James Poniewozik. Read More...

Here are three things you should know about this week's show:

1. Majoring in biology, philosophy, or history is passé. In fact, author Jeff Selingo says we should scrap the major entirely and instead encourage students to immerse themselves in real-world projects.

2. You shouldn't be so proud of your Prius. We need bigger, systemic change, according to clean-energy researcher Dan Nocera. And some of that change may actually come from the military.

3. Raises and promotions aren't that great. A new set of values is flooding into the workforce, argues Noise CEO Joe Kessler, and employers need to adjust.

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