August 31, 2018

Work defines all of our lives, but in a myriad of different ways. On this week’s Innovation Hub we take a step back and think about work’s payoffs, its pitfalls, and its future. 

First, Stanford’s Jeffrey Pfeffer argues that our jobs are literally hurting us - and that work environments have to be rethought. (Pfeffer also believes there are a bunch of companies that are doing it right. Here are the stories of some of them: Southwest Airlines, Patagonia, DaVita, and SAS.)

Then, Liza Mundy tells the incredible story of female WWII vets whose work was absolutely vital… but who never got the credit they deserved. (And here's Mundy talking about one of the most interesting codebreakers, a woman named Dot.)

And finally, chess champ Garry Kasparov says: we shouldn’t hate robots; we should work with them. And if you'd like to know more about Kasparov’s match against Deep Blue, ESPN Films and 538 analyze the match here.

work, Jeffrey Pfeffer, Liza Mundy, WWII, Garry Kasparov

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