May 25, 2018

Credit: AP Photo / Alvaro Barrientos

Life is tangled, knotted, and muddled. This week on Innovation Hub, we’ll try to untangle those knots, whether they lurk in our genetic history or in our deepest aspirations. 

First up, our family tree; or rather, our family web. According to geneticist Adam Rutherford, investigating the human genome can answer a lot of questions about human history. And the answers aren’t always expected. From mixing our genes with Neanderthals, to genetic lineages that would make Jaime Lannister proud, to the link (or lack thereof) between race and health, Rutherford tells us all about the surprising secrets of our species. 

Then: The modern workplace wasn’t designed for women. And that’s a problem. Avivah Wittenberg-Cox, author of the article “If You Can’t Find a Spouse Who Supports Your Career, Stay Single,” talks about the barriers that prevent women from achieving their full potential. She also walks us through how high-achieving couples can actually maintain a balance between work and family. 

And, finally: If your life has become unsatisfying, confusing, and purposeless… consider designing a better one. Bill Burnett and Dave Evans, who teach a course at Stanford about constructing the life you want, are the co-authors of “Designing Your Life: How to Build a Well-Lived, Joyful Life." They explain how you can use design principles to achieve your career goals. Their advice? Get curious, talk to people in different fields, learn about the nuances of their jobs, and take baby steps towards your next goal. 


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