October 26, 2018

McDonald’s is one of the many employers turning to automation. In this case, an order kiosk sits near a cashier in an Atlanta restaurant. (AP Photo/Mike Stewart)

First, swing states have a ton of power in determining control of Congress and many of the people living in those states have experienced the effects of automation in the workplace. Author Brian Alexander explains how technological progress has created fear, uncertainty, and shattered communities in swing states including Ohio.

But it isn’t entirely fair to blame technology for all of our problems, including the challenges created by the gig economy. Historian Louis Hyman says temp work in America existed long before Uber and TaskRabbit. 

What do the people making robots or dreaming up new tech policy think of Americans’ conflicted feelings about what technological advances have meant for our economy? It’s complicated, but they say including more workers in conversations about new tech is crucial.

Daniel Theobald, Louis Hyman, Brian Alexander, Melissa Flagg

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