July 04, 2017

Get ready for the story of a quintessentially American invention.

When it was created in the 1930s, it became a sensation. 

It launched scores of businesses. It enhanced life for those in the military. 

And, if I had to guess, I’d bet you’ve bought hundreds – or thousands – of this invention over time. 

It was dreamed up by a woman, Ruth, who was a former home economics teacher. 

But she finally found her calling when she bought an old house in Massachusetts with her husband around 1930. 

The idea was to turn it into a restaurant. And when it came to food, Ruth knew what she was doing. 

Her restaurant was run with military precision and impeccable service. It was famous for quintessential New England fare, like lobster. 

But, nowadays, Ruth isn’t known for her lobster, but for a sweet – and brilliant – culinary invention. Something that may just be the most popular dessert in America. 

Listen above to hear Ruth’s story.

Historic Innovation, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Ruth Wakefield

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