May 19, 2017

Okay, yes, you might have a poster of your favorite band on your wall. But, do you follow them on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook? Do you know all the lyrics to every song? Do you have a Google alert on for their tour dates, and have you already bought tickets? 

Then, you might be a superfan. 

Author and entrepreneur Zoe Fraade-Blanar explains the rise of superfans. 

 Three Takeaways:

  •  So, who exactly is a superfan? Fraade-Blanar says, “Superfans are those who are willing to make fandom part of their personal identity.” 
  • Superfans have existed for as long as we’ve had celebrities, and their habits haven’t changed much. Early superfans would send clippings of hair (...and not just from their heads) to Lord Byron. 
  • Fraade-Blanar notes that, ironically, superfans don’t always make the best customers. They only want the product they’re familiar with, and resist any changes. “Anytime the nature of their love gets rethought, they're going to get angry,” she says. 

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