May 12, 2017

One-fifth of the US population is under eighteen years old. And, Jim Steyer, founder of Common Sense Media, thinks it’s high-time we pay attention to them. Steyer created his organization for two reasons: to focus on the effects of media and technology on children, and to make sure that kids have their needs represented in government.

Three Takeaways:

  • “Kids are the most important natural resource this society has,” Steyer says. “And, they’ve been deeply under-invested in over the past 30 years.” 
  • “Sixty percent of kids admitted that they’re addicted to technology,” according to Steyer. “And 50 percent of parents thought that they were.” And, if those numbers are from people who admitted they were addicted, Steyer thinks that the actual percentage must be even higher.
  • In 2015, over 90 percent of kids reported going online daily. And, Steyer says that changes their media habits. Common Sense Media found that kids get most of their news from either parents or social media.
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