April 21, 2017

Trump is everywhere. He’s in your social media feed, he’s a regular feature in your family conversations, and, of course, he’s on TV. It can seem like he’s always on TV. And it’s not just news, although the news loves covering Trump. His influence is felt in scripted shows and late-night talks shows. Michael Schneider, executive editor for IndieWire and the host of KCRW’s "The Spin-Off," tells us why he thinks that Trump has dramatically changed television.

Three Takeaways:

  • Trump’s greatest influence has been in late night. Before the election, newer hosts like Samantha Bee, Trevor Noah, and Stephen Colbert were still trying to find their voices. Now, according to Schneider, they’ve hit their stride.
  • On the other side of the coin, Schneider says that people aren’t as enthused as they once were by Jimmy Fallon’s non-controversial skits and games. They’re looking for charged political commentary, which is why Colbert has gained in the ratings.
  • Schneider says that it’s not surprising that Trump would change TV. After all, given the success of The Apprentice, “this is a man who was created by television.”

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