February 24, 2017

Up until around 1920, life for one Minnesota man had been the opposite of sweet.

His name was Frank, and he had experienced a streak of several unfortunate events. He’d been through a rough divorce: A court said his spousal support wasn’t adequate and gave his first wife custody of their son, who sent the kid to her parents’ house in Canada.

And Frank had more money problems - namely, he was going broke.

But he did have one sweet thing: a love for candy making. And it was a good time to be a candy enthusiast. A few years earlier, Milton Hershey had created the Hershey Bar. Small companies were releasing new candies, with names like Chick-O-Stick, Fat Emma and Prom Queen.

Frank didn’t make it big, though, until his son came back from Canada with an idea: make a chocolate bar taste like it was filled with a chocolate malted drink. The plan seemed far-fetched until Frank found the perfect ingredient to make it a reality: nougat.

The candy bar that he created would go on to launch a multi-million-dollar company that Frank’s family still owns today.

Want to know what popular candy bar Frank invented? Listen to the story above to find out.

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