September 01, 2016

Even if there isn’t a chill in the air, summer is winding down. It’s (almost) time to put away your swimsuit, mentally prepare for pumpkin spice season, and curl up in a cozy armchair to listen to some great Innovation Hub conversations.

This week we’ll be showcasing some of our favorites from the past year. So kick back, start planning that spooky halloween costume, and take a listen.

First up: sure, you take rides on Uber, order food through Grubhub, and get your walkways shoveled via Taskrabbit. But is your on-demand life killing the middle class? Steven Hill says yes, and explains how the gig economy effectively decimates job security.

Then, yabba-dabba... do we have a segment for you! We’ll take a look at the origins of an animation studio that gave us Scooby Doo, Yogi Bear, and The Jetsons. Though this dip into history would have been even longer, if it weren’t for you meddling kids.

After that, did you hate your elementary school science class? Well, you probably wouldn’t have if it had been taught by actual scientists in white lab coats. Science from Scientists is a non-profit that puts scientists in elementary school classrooms, hopefully inspiring kids to pursue a career in STEM. Founder Erika Ebbel Angle tells us why she started the program (warning: there’s urine involved in this story), and why some kids now ask for autographs after class.

If you go to a casino, you’re going to lose money. Probably. Eventually. But you can tilt the odds a little. Author Adam Kucharski examines the science that goes into gambling, and tells us how that science is behind a lot of our modern world, from Wall Street to the card table.

And finally, when was time invented? Try the late 19th century. At least, that’s when our modern conception of it emerged. Historian Vanessa Ogle talks about how the Western world agreed upon a standard time - and why it was absolutely necessary. Here’s a hint: if nothing had changed, St. Louis would still have six time zones.

Vanessa Ogle, Hanna-Barbera, Adam Kucharski, Steven Hill, Erika Ebbel Angle

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