August 04, 2016

Invention and creativity are everywhere, but how do breakthroughs actually happen? This week on Innovation Hub, we’re taking a look at what makes ingenuity successful.

First up, writer Matthew Syed says people can turn their failures into success if they approach mistakes in the right way. Just think about airplanes’ black boxes, and you’ll see how failure can help you change your course.

Next, how to use your tools creatively -- even in ways that weren’t originally intended. Autodesk CEO Carl Bass thinks that taking advantage of maker tools will revolutionize the way we make the objects around us.

Speaking of new approaches, PhD Jo Marchant has a new approach to medicine: target the brain. She explains why the placebo effect has such real results, and why it’s obvious that the mind can affect the body.

“We get the geniuses that we deserve.” 18th Century Vienna had Mozart, we have Mark Zuckerberg. Author Eric Weiner delves into why time and geography have so much impact on what kind of creativity is in a society.

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