July 01, 2016

From dealing with your coworker who keeps taking your lunch to being stuck in rush hour traffic, life can be stressful. But how does it affect us and our world? Whether it’s personal stress, technology-related stress, or stress on the environment, don’t worry -- we’ve got you covered.

First up, can stress actually be good for you? Stanford psychologist Kelly McGonigal and George Mason professor Todd Kashdan say that if you play your cards right, the answer is yes. Learn how to harness your stress and turn that never-ending flow of work emails into something positive.

One of the hallmarks of modern convenience, the microwave, was invented when Percy Spencer noticed his work with radar was heating up a candy bar in his pocket. Take a look at the history of microwave and how it’s become the staple it is today.

Is the internet really the great equalizer? Author Andrew Keen believes that the internet is doing a lot more for Silicon Valley than it is for the general public. The digital revolution’s as morally problematic as the industrial revolution, Keen says, and data mining is a real concern.

Taking short showers or turning off the faucet is just a drop in the bucket when it comes to droughts, NASA’s Jay Famiglietti says. The real culprit? Agriculture.

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