March 25, 2016

We waste a lot. Time. Money. Food.

This week on Innovation Hub, we’ve got stories about that waste, and how to mitigate it.

First, America wastes nearly 40% of the food that it produces. That translates to about 33 million tons of edible material. And with so many Americans not knowing where their next meal will come from, Lovin’ Spoonfuls founder Ashley Stanley sees this as a huge problem. She’ll talk about why so much is thrown out - and how to stop it.

Between pollution, species extinction, and climate change, humans aren’t exactly treating the planet with lots of TLC. But there are proposals to help cool the world down before global warming runs rampant: ideas like capturing CO2, dotting the land with artificial trees, or installing a huge wall if fans. Seriously, though, before we turn to sci-fi solutions to our current predicament, Ken Caldeira of the Carnegie Institution for Science and Brad Allenby of Arizona State explain how scientists could shape the climate - and why they might not want to.

Then, when you order a book or a TV from Amazon, you don’t just get the book or the TV. You also get the packaging, which quickly turns into waste. That’s why Ecovative CEO Eben Bayer created a more sustainable solution… mushroom-based packaging.

Finally, there are 168 hours in a week. But it seems like we never have enough time to finally read Infinite Jest, to actually start jogging, to see if The Americans is any good. But writer Laura Vanderkam says we actually have plenty of time… we just waste most of it. She’ll explain what you can do to feel like you’re not just watching the time fly by.

Laura Vanderkam, Eben Bayer, Brad Allenby, Ashley Stanley, Ken Caldeira

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