February 26, 2016

Tara Swart worked for years as a neuroscientist and psychiatrist. Then she began coaching a very specific type of client: CEOs and other captains of industry.

“I felt that applying neuroscience to business leaders and businesses could have a much more far-reaching impact on society,” Swart says.

She used what she knew to help elite clients manage stress, improve emotional intelligence, and make rational decisions. If they could adopt some positive practices, she felt, it would ripple out into society at large.

“Fifty percent of what I do is about helping raise awareness, raising insight for people. Just like any coaching, that’s not necessarily about neuroscience,” Swart says.

And sometimes her advice is simple: eat well, get a full night’s sleep. But it’s a message that’s often overlooked in an aggressive business world.

“It’s the combination of understanding why these things are really important, and then also the fact that it then makes sense. This contributes to you not burning out… It’s the aggregate of small changes that makes such a big difference.”

Body and Mind, higher ed, neuroscience

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