December 08, 2016

What happens when you turn your part-time passion project turns into your full-time gig? Megan Tan, host and creator of the “Millennial” podcast, would know. She’s here to talk about podcasting, the realities of juggling day jobs and creative work, and managing an unexpected hit.

Three Takeaways:

  • Millennial started out as a portfolio project, a way to show radio stations that Tan could produce audio. Then, when she got hired as a radio producer at local station, it turned out that she liked making Millennial more.
  • Making your passion project while you work a day job requires sacrifices. Tan “would go to work, and I’d commute two hours a day, work eight hours a day, then go home and continue to make this podcast.” She also worked in her closet.
  • Millennial is really popular, but Tan has had to reevaluate how to continue producing Millennial while not destroying her health and well-being. (Turns out, you can get sciatic nerve damage if you sit too long and work.)

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