August 21, 2015

Three things you should probably know:

1. Online criminals have company retreats, too.  Security expert Marc Goodman explains how sophisticated groups are ransacking our data, well out of the reach of police.

2. You can now test your genes for what kind of pain medication might be best for you. Harmonyx CEO Bob Bean talks about the frontiers of personal health data.

3. We might want to tax workers less, and spenders more. Environmentalist Paul Gilding says global warming might change how you spend money... and whether you even bother heading to the mall anymore.

And, this week's music:

R. Kelly - "The World's Greatest"

Lack of Afro - "The Outsider"

Mac Jooooop - "Jooooop Go Crazy"

Hooded Fang - "Genes"

Gelka - "Eau Rouge Part 1"

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