July 02, 2015

A multi-million dollar penthouse. A personal shark aquariumYour own private submarine. Pretty much everything in the Neiman Marcus holiday catalog.

Even if you’re not able to experience these insane luxuries, the modern world still revolves around excess. This week on Innovation Hub, we’ve got stories about glitz, glamour and how excess impacts the daily lives of those of us who don’t own a tiger as a pet.

First up… Chanel No. 5. If ever there was an object that symbolized glamour and romance, it would be a bottle of Chanel No. 5. Tilar Mazzeo, author of “The Secret of Chanel No. 5,” takes us into the exciting, illicit-love filled world of Coco Chanel, and demonstrates how a simple perfume came to represent decadence, excess, and seduction.

Then, seafood. Yes, seafood. If you don’t think that seafood represents the excess of our modern world, consider this. Even if you’re sitting in Santa Barbara eating some squid, within spitting distance of the boat that caught it, that squid probably still traveled to China to get processed. It’s just cheaper that way. Paul Greenberg, author of “American Catch: The Fight for Our Local Seafood,” dives deep into the seafood revolution, and tells us how we can become more ethical eaters.

You might not be able to afford Matisse’s “Goldfish” paintingbut you know who probably could? A Silicon Valley billionaire. Forbes editor Randall Lane, author of “You Only Have to Be Right Once: The Unprecedented Rise of the Instant Tech Billionaires” takes a peek behind the hoodie and shows us what separates this new breed of tech titans from their counterparts.And we’ll find out how their beliefs and ideas are affecting your life right now.

And finally, when you picture excess… you just might think of a celebrity or billionaire on their own private jet. (After all, who doesn’t want to be “Fly Like A G6?”) But before Frank Sinatra and Jay-Z were taking off, one serial inventor had to make sure his idea didn’t explode on the runway.

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