June 06, 2014

Three things you need to know that will shake your world.

1. YouTube videos aren't just for fun -- they can save lives. After seeing a video about removing a cork from a wine bottle, an auto mechanic invented a device that saves mothers' lives during childbirth. And he's not an anomaly -- Yale professors Barry Nalebuff & Ian Ayres say that unconventional thinking is the key to creative problem-solving.

2. There's a reason why eyeglasses can set you back $700. Dave Gilboa, the co-CEO of glasses company Warby Parker, talks about creating a new business model. And challenging the notion that glasses have to break the bank.

3. Most of us think that men are better at math -- even when the data doesn't back us up. Mahzarin Banaji, Harvard psychologist and author of Blindspot: The Hidden Biases of Good People, shares research into why we all have biases and what we can do to counteract them.

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