May 02, 2014

Three Things You Need to Know about the Changing Workplace

1. Your potential employer will probably ask you to take online tests. Warning: They may be tracking the browser you use to take the test. Apparently, downloading Firefox or Chrome shows more initiative and tech savvy than plain old Internet Explorer.

2. You should stop thinking of yourself as a person with a job, or even a career. In the future, we'll be income entrepreneurs. You may ditch your day job, write a quick freelance article, set up an Air BnB account, and hop into your car for a few hours as a Lyft driver.

3. Working 32 hours a week is just as good – if not better — as working 40 hours. If your work time is a scarce resource, you'll make the most of it, the same way we make the most of land or water when it is scarce.

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