May 16, 2014


Think about the arsenal of gadgets you carry around with you and how they've evolved.  Even 10 years ago, cell phones were huge and had one main purpose: to make phone calls.

So let's look down the road a few years. What will we be carrying around that might totally stun us now?

David Pogue, tech columnist for Yahoo and the host of NOVA ScienceNow, says that the biggest trend driving the industry is instant gratification. From same-day delivery to on-demand, instant medical care, “society tends to move toward easier and faster,” explains Pogue.

Crowdfunding sites, like Kickstarter, also shift the balance of power away from corporations and put innovation into the hands of individuals. “It’s not diluted by lawyers and marketing considerations; it remains true to its vision from the moment it’s conceived.”

Crowdfunding, Pogue says, offers "a direct channel from the creator of artistic and technological inventions and their audience, that cuts out all the middlemen, all the conflicting interests, in a really glorious way.”

Finally, keep your eye on the sharing economy. It’s growing and evolving way beyond AirBnB.

For example, with Parking Panda, “instead of parking your car in the garage [at the airport] for $35 a night, you park in some guy’s driveway for $8 a night."

Pogue also points to DogVacay, which allows renters to get their puppy fix because “instead of kenneling your dog when you go on a trip, your dog stays with somebody who wants to have a dog for a week.”

Tune into our full interview to hear what gadgets and trends Pogue thinks are hot and which are not.

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