April 11, 2014

Smoking Lightbulb

Where do innovative ideas come from? Credit: Stefan Krause / Wikimedia Commons


  • Dan Kenary, co-founder of Harpoon Brewery

Where do great innovators come from?

Many spent years as outsiders, toiling away in their garages or basements, failing over and over until that one magical moment when they created something that changes the world as we know it.

But we wanted to take a step back – before the notoriety, before a place in the history books, before financial success, and even before those failures in garages or basements. Back to when innovators where just kids – more likely to be playing with boxes than thinking outside of them.

Our first in the series: Harpoon Brewery co-founder Dan Kenary about what he learned in child's play that helps him run his beer company as an adult.

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