March 26, 2014


Esther Dyson in zero gravity. Credit: Zero-G / Flickr Creative Commons

Esther Dyson is a woman who has helped get billions injected into the tech sector. She's had a hand in tech giants like LinkedIn, 23andMe, and Evernote.

But when asked about whether she sees more pioneering women waiting in the ranks to achieve in this male-dominated world, she's less than optimistic.

"If you look at the percentages, it's not really good news," Dyson says of how many women are currently working at tech companies. "And if you look at statistics around STEM education, it's even more depressing. Obviously, high tech isn't only engineers. But I would say that compared to what I expected, it's pretty disappointing."

So what's going on?

Dyson says the problem is multi-faceted and stems from everything from the way we teach, to the way the media portrays women, to the way men and women interact in marriages.

But bottom line, Dyson says, the changes we need to make are "not happening."

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