October 03, 2011

How do you define innovation? Here’s what we’ve heard on "Innovation Hub":

"These innovators they don’t really go into business school classrooms... They’re learning on the street, really quickly, and iterating really quickly from what they learned and adjusting and revising."
- Nancy Koehn, Harvard Business School
"There's this mystique about successful people that they never fail, but in fact they fail a lot. They just try more stuff."
Tom Kelley, IDEO
"We have this new economy. I call it the connection economy, where value is not created by mass production. But value is created by being weird, by going to the edges, by innovating."
Seth Godin, author and former Yahoo! VP

Innovation Hub features today's most creative thinkers - from authors to researchers to business leaders. It explores new avenues in education, science, medicine, transportation, and more. Guests have included Michael Pollan, Sal Khan, Marissa Mayer, Clayton Christensen, Jared Diamond, Paul Farmer, Sherry Turkle, and Brian Greene.

About the Host

Kara Miller is the host and executive editor of Innovation Hub, which she launched in 2011. PRI took the program national in May, 2014. Kara also contributes to “The Takeaway,” a national radio program hosted by John Hockenberry, WGBH’s “Morning Edition,” and “Greater Boston,” which airs on Boston’s PBS station.

As a host, Kara has interviewed Tom Friedman, Sherry Turkle, Jared Diamond, Sal Khan, David Pogue, and Marissa Mayer, among others. Her writing has appeared in The Boston Globe, The National Journal, The Boston Herald, TheAtlantic.com, The Huffington Post, and The International Herald Tribune. Kara holds a Ph.D. from Tufts and a B.A. from Yale.

Follow Kara on Twitter: @karaemiller


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